Thursday, August 29, 2013

Boudoir to Pinup

Sassy to Sweet

Last weekend I teamed up with Model: Samantha B. Hair Stylist: Tiffany Blair and Photographer: Kreativ Studios for a Boudoir to Pinup photoshoot. Shauna, owner of Kreativ Studios did a phenomenal job with the photos. The glam squad, Tiffany and I, didn't do so bad either. What about Sam? Well! She's simply a pro!
So how did we go from this ^ to this:

Quite simply actually: It is just as easy to build up as it is to tame down. We swapped 3 things: Eye, Lip, Cheek. We took off the brown eye shadow both top and bottom and traded it with a liquid black wing (only on top!). We took off the "Boy Bait" By MAC Cosmetics lip gloss and traded it with LancĂ´me Rouge In love Red lipstick, and instead of the mauve blush we switched for a rosy cheek.
To see the rest of the photos from this shoot please visit Kreativ Studios website and be sure to 'Like' her facebook page! We had a wonderful afternoon and I hope to work with them again in the near future!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Bridal Spotlight

The Bride and the Bachelorette

Happy Monday everyone! I had a weekend full of makeup and I met two lovely ladies. One was a bride and the other a bride to be!!! Both extremely excited and thrilled for their upcoming life adventures and I wish them both the very best love & marriage has to offer!

Both your bachelorette party and wedding day are of course mega important days in your life as a woman. Both of these days many pictures will be taken of you! With that being said whether you are a bride or bride to be they are both excellent days to pamper yourself and have your makeup done! The difference between the two looks, the bride and the bride to be-or-bachelorette is impact. For brides it is best to stick to neutrals and colors that will only enhance ones natural features. Your wedding day is a day of purity and romance. On the contrary your bachelorette party is a night to get wild and have some good ol' girly fun!!!
For your bachelorette party I'd say go for the bright colors you would never normally wear. You don't wear makeup normally? Heck, go for that smokey eye. This is your night of fun, it's a great idea to get makeup done.
To me, brides should look beautiful on her big day & the bachelorette on her big night out should look hot!

 *For more photos from this weekend check out my facebook page here


Friday, August 23, 2013

Office to Hors d'oeuvres

At this day & age we are busy women! We are working, we are moms, and home makers! We are super women! How are we supposed to do all this and look/feel pretty? What if after work you want to go out for appetizers or a cocktail? Wheres the time to get ready for that!? Sometimes it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day. Sometimes it seems like the 8/9 hours we are at work drag then the 3/4 hours you have for yourself after work go by too quick! Think about it, you leave your job, (if you have kids) pick up kids from school/daycare, feed them and then all of a sudden its 8 o'clock and you're getting them ready to settle down and for bed. By 9 your whooped! That's a lot of zipping around. After a long week you decide to get a sitter and go out Friday night after work with girlfriends for food and drinks. You still have to pick up your child and bring them home, but you want to be sure to maximize your 'me' time. You want to look hot and you want to feel beautiful but you think to yourself "no one has time for that!"

Here's the thing, you do! Most women wear at least a little makeup to work. Then, almost all of those women say their makeup doesn't stay put until the time they get home. There are ways to make it stay all day. You have to give your skin a little love under your makeup and there a few finishing touches that you can do once you are finished your makeup.

Prep & Prime!
In your makeup drawer, bag, box, or whatever you keep your makeup in. It is important to have 2 things: face primer and eye primer.
They might come in a pot like I have

They may come with an applicator/wand
Or they may even come in this ever so popular tube
Why bother priming your eyelid? Putting a primer as a base before eyeshadow does 3 things:
It evens out your skin tone, it helps your eyeshadow apply brighter and stay put far longer, and it helps your eyeshadow not crease (creasing is the worst)

Face primers may do many tricks! Face primers can correct skin discolorations: most common redness & dark spots. They will smooth out your skins texture. Some may make you look airbrushed and poreless. They can conceal minor fine lines. Some face primers even illuminate your skin giving you a glow from within look. Not only do they do all these fabulously wonderful tricks, they also help your makeup go on smoothly and last much longer!

You've now preped and primed your little hear away and you apply your daily essentials concealer, foundation, mascara, maybe a little blush or bronzer, a little natural eyeshadow, maybe some eyeliner to brighten up tired eyes, touched up brows, applied mascara, and lipstick or lipgloss and you're out the door. NOT SO FAST MISSY! There is one last step some know about it but it is not common enough with working babes: Set your makeup! This last quick and easy step is a makeup saver.

Spray it on or dust it on just dont forget to use it. The mist feels nice and refreshing and acts like a mega hold hairspray but for your face (no, its not sticky) Setting powder will also do the trick. Setting powder does just that-sets your makeup & locks it in. I personally double up, I use setting powder and then spray to double makesure it stays all day! Doing both is not necessary however. As long as you set your makeup somehow,  you are good to go!

There are only 3 things that you need in your purse for touch ups during the day essentially:
  1. Eyeliner if you are wearing it directly on your water line; your nude, your black, your
  2. brown pencil, whatever it is you are wearing.
  3. Your lipstick or lipgloss (whichever you are wearing)
  4. Your bronzer or blush (again choose your poison)

BAM! its Friday

5:00 Finally rolls around and your makeup is still on point! You are lookin' good girlfriend! Maybe not 'out to dinner' good but you are still (for the most part) perfectly primped. You pick up your little love, bring them home, and you have 10 minutes before the sitter gets there. What will make the most impact? Those peepers! Dressing up your eyes can make you look like a new woman. Your face makeup and day eyeshadow should still be in tact so all you need to do is add some deeper hues. We all have some sort of eyeshadow pallet in our makeup, it doesn't matter what brand it is, as long as the basics are covered you are a-o-k!
In the morning you most likely used a natural color maybe a few shades lighter, something bright and awake looking. You may have emphasised your crease with a shade a few tones darker than your skin. Whatever you did, if you used primer it should still all be there! What you need to do now is grab the darkest color in the pallet and lightly start at your outer corner with an angled brush or if you only have a normal shadow brush be sure to slant it just a smidgen for that winged effect. starting from the outer corner work your way to the middle applying less pressure so there is a fade effect and the center of your lid still as bright color. Again, at the outer corner grab some more of the deeper hue and start tracing your crease. This time you will trace your entire crease but still applying less and less pressure until you get to the inside corner. A fluffy lid brush is good to have on hand to blend this look all together (gently) so that you have no hard lines. Lastly it is nice to apply black liquid liner along your upper lash line if you haven't already, and if necessary touch up mascara. Now Mama is out the door!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Spotlight!

Some how I stretched my birthday to a full week Saturday-Saturday, SCORE! This past Saturday we wrapped up birthday week with the final celebrations. Saturday night I got to see my bffl since the begging of college, Joce. We have a funny/weird/risky story. We didn't meet in college, as a matter of fact the colleges we went to were states apart! We met on Myspace (weird!!!) We had a lot of mutual friends so we knew we weren't kidnappers or fake haha. We met in a public place for the first time also, ya know.. precautionary. We hit it off immediately! We don't exactly see each other as you would think besties would see each other but we make sure we are by each others side when we need it most, and of course for celebrations. Shes stuck with me through thick & thin and I'm proud to call her my best friend.

Joce brought me a whole box of candy and various beauty products/accessories(hi heaven!) So naturally we had to test it out. She had me style her hair and do her makeup and here is the finished product! Beautiful as always and cheekbones to die for!(biotch)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

5 things I'm Loving

In no particular order:

  1. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil: I want one in every color. I have Liar which is a nude/mauve color and I love it!!!! It lasts all day and goes with so many different lipsticks that I have. I also have Venom, which is a deep plum color that I am holding off on until fall when I bust out the deep dark witchy lipsticks I bought! This blog has the colors swatched for you. Bought at Sephora or Ulta
  2.  Headwraps!!! I have 4: a braided hair one that matches my hair color,  a beaded skull one (as pictured) which I love love love, I have a leopard one, and a mint studded one. This is one of my favorite hair trends right now and you can get them pretty much anywhere and they are under $10.
  3. Watt's Up! Face Highlighter from Benefit. This cream to powder highlighter gives champagne glow that's gorgeous. It's a switch on "wow" for all complexions. I've tried a lot of different highlighters and I'm thinking this is my new favorite as opposed to Nar's-Albatross. You can buy it at Sephora or Ulta.
  4. Deep Berry lips for fall. 90's is making a comeback people! Bring on the dark lips! If possible just wait for fall. When I see it right now it just reminds me summers almost over-bummer. Pictured is Urban Decay's Revolution Lipstick in Shame. These lipsticks have super creamy texture, intense pigmentation, superior color dispersion, and are long lasting. There's also something called Maxi-Lip™ in it that defines and hydrates lips while making them look plumper and fuller. Berry babely! Again you can buy it at Sephora or Ulta!
  5. My Bobbi Brown Beach body oil from Mum.  Beach captures the atmosphere and attitude of summer. I've been putting a few drops in my bath which makes my body feel super smooth, or after a shower rubbing a little onto my legs and arms. It gives your body a sultry sheen and makes tattoos pop (little secret). I will definitely still be wearing it this winter when I start getting sad/grumpy with the cold weather, because the smell takes you to a warmer place :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Birthday Week!!!!!!

This past weekend I enjoyed some Mom time. I haven't really had much of a break from working in a couple weeks now. I had the whole day Saturday to spend with family and loved ones and it was very refreshing! Dave, Lady and I went to Ossipee lake to see my Mum and to have a little early B-day fiesta. Dave, my Mom, and Aunt & Uncle got me the COMPLETE Ariel Collection from Sephora. I was pretty much in shock. So excited!!!! I got to use some of it on Sunday to test it out! (Dave had already given me the big pallet at the beginning of the month because he couldn't wait, so that product I have already been using/playing with.)

Sunday I had a bridal trial with my friend Toni's friend and her mother (weird sentence)! A little history on Toni- I worked with her at Forever21 back in 06'ish, she and another girl we worked with, Melissa, basically got me my first makeup gig EVER with another co-worker of ours. So now.... almost 7 years later she recommended me to her BFFL Jenn. Its really neat how things work out and who you stay connected to one way or another.
ANYWAYS they are from Maine, her Mother came down to visit for the day and to also get some trial makeup done. Everything ran smoothly and they both looked beautiful of course. Then we did something silly. Her fiance doesn't want to see her pretty makeup until their big day, which is cute and I get it because he wants it to be a surprise. The thing is, you pay for a trial and it would just be a bummer to wash it all off when you have the whole day ahead of you. We decided to play a little trick on him. Mind you, this is not a day look, we get it...but, she still looked hot. SO we changed her look COMPLETELY before she left the room. We did a dramatic purple smokey eye using my Ariel pallet and a matte black from Kat Von D. He didn't know what to say. He said she looked beautiful, but you could tell he was slightly shocked (lol) Her Dad just said, "Wow." It was funny. I love fun clients.

On my actual birthday (Thursday) Dave, Lady, and I will be beach bound. Where else is a mermaid supposed to spend her birthday? So, please send the flowers to my home address, as I will be out of the office ;) Then, on Saturday I get to see my best girlie and celebrate again!!! YAY birthday week! xoxo

Monday, August 5, 2013

Freakin' Weekend


Busy busy weekend, woof! Fun for sure! It seems like Mondays are my update days for Makeup Mermaid, So here is what I did this weekend!!!

Saturday I worked with Jill from The Beauty Lounge! We had a wedding up near Tilton, NH. I did the Brides makeup, two bridesmaids, and the mother of the groom.
We had a blast with our hair and makeup marathon and everyone looked beautiful!! Here is the beautiful bride:

Saturday night was our housemates band's very first show!! They played very well, every song was extremely familiar to Dave and I because we hear them practice almost daily. There was a good turnout with the crowd too! Their bands name is BLACKOUT you can listen to them HERE<---
I hadn't been to a show in years & I haven't gone out past 9:00pm in months haha. Definitely a selfie worthy night on account of me being so wild, crazy, and rebellious out past my bedtime.
On Sunday, I started my day in Nashua for a bridal trial. Its so weird driving past my highschool & old stomping grounds in general. I was excited for this trial mostly because I was pumped to play up the Brides big big blue eyes! She looked gorgeous, I am so happy for her and excited for her big day. This is the second bride this summer that I've met with one of those looooong term relationships and are finally tying the knot! So cool to me.
After my final makeup appointment Sunday afternoon, it was finally weekend time for me! I got to enjoy some time with my dog, Lady. We made puppy treats and went shopping. I love spoiling my pup. She's too cute not to. I later made a yummy dinner for boyfriend and I. (with Lady's help of course)
All in all a super busy yet fun weekend! I am looking forward to this upcoming Saturday for some family time. I've been so busy we haven't had much of that this summer.