Monday, October 28, 2013


I had a super spooky weekend! I played with Vampires on Saturday and Zombies on Sunday! I am lucky I didn't get bit!
My sister from another mister's Brother...aka brother from another Mother & His beautious Wife hosted a Halloween party Saturday night and wanted to go all out so they hired me to do their makeup and hair! Their couples theme was vampires!!
(Click to enlarge)
For both of these looks I used a fair skin tone foundation that was about 1 shade lighter than Eric's natural tone and 3 Shades lighter than Vanessa's because vampires as most of us know are pale because they VANT YOUR BLOOD! I used black eyeliner. I used the vampiest lashes I could find! Red lipstick lined with a mix of black and wine colored lipliner, BLOOD! Morticians wax for the bite wounds, black and red eyeshadow, and a brown brow pencil for both. 

I added some OOMPH to Vanessa's look with red glitter.To get glitter to stick and stay it is best to use a light layer of eyelash glue then apply your glitter. The red glitter can be found on

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Invisible Woman

Pardon my invisibility!! I have been mega-busy with this Halloween project! It has consumed my brain, but hey; we've been making some pretty cool things happen!! I've met with a number of awesome brides and they've all looked so lovely! I'm such a sap, I OFTEN need to blink back tears on wedding days. Who doesn't love a beautiful woman? Nothing wrong with that! You can see most of what I've been up to on my Facebook page there are up to date before and afters just no stories to go with them (sorry!)
This weekend I will be collaborating with Kreativ Studios on a spooky rockabilly zombie Halloween shoot! After that, we will be putting our masterminds together for a Boudoir/Pinup photoshoot & makeup special for the upcoming holidays! Flyers will be posted and floating around the interweb sometime next week so keep your eyes peeled and your calenders ready! You wont want to miss out on this special!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pinup Desires

This Makeup Monday post is a shoutout and thank you to The SOPHA Community, Dastardly Dave Photography, Kelly Killbilly, Karyna Woods, Pinup Desires, Hillary Wonderland, & Strange Beauty Bombshell!!! I had a wonderful day yesterday.

This launch is so exciting and I am thrilled for Pinup Desires new endeavor!! The clothing line is gorgeous and the accessories are fabulous as always! If you haven't heard of Pinup Desires, well you have now!!!

The photographer, Dastardly Dave, was amazing, the models were gorgeous, the hair and wardrobe styling was on point! I am thrilled to be part of this shoot and so excited to see all the pictures!

Bon Voyage!

This weekend I got to spend a half day of beauty with Chrissy. Not all the pictures below are hair done and makeup done but we teamed up for a wedding out yonder. She's leaving NH for New Orleans chasing down new adventure and journeys; I want to wish her the best! I hope that she comes across more vintage fanatics, meets great people, and does lots of retro do's. You know you got some serious skills when you can make people tear up over how beautiful they feel. Chrissy and I make a great team and she will be missed until she visits again. Bon-Voyage Chrissy & thanks for being my wing woman this weekend!


Friday, October 4, 2013

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