Friday, January 16, 2015

War Paint Witchery

So how in the christ do girls go from this to that?!

The short answer:
And then theres the big long explanation that you've been dddyyying for...

What I am going to do, is go through piece by piece of what I have done to my morning project (face) before I have to go to work at MAC or a wedding. 

(And heres hoping my managers at mac don't either hate or fire me because I'm posting the cold hard truth of what is on my face when I go to work.)

First before everything I set my hair in pin curls. I roll my hair with my 1 inch curling iron, put my thumb at the end of the barrel, let go of the clamp, catch the curl, and I pin it to my head. This way my hairs out of my face and my curls will somewhat stay for the day once I take them down.


I get redness from the bottom of my nose to my chin, I do not know why, I must be an alien. 
To fix this irritating skin flaw of mine I use MAC CC cream in neutralize. CC as opposed to BB is Color Correct. I buy the yellow one because it cancels out my redness, and my unfiltered girl brain truth is it makes me feel less ugly ::insert big smile::

Next I found some pores and fine lines I decided needed some filling, instead of blowing my cash on botox, I whipped out my new (even less expensive than I was using before) friend, NYX Pore Filler!
It is half the price of Benefit's Porefessional which I had been using before, and it works just as good!

Surprisingly I found that wasn't enough so I took a dime size glob of NYX Clear Studio Perfect Primer because I knew I would be taking this picture for y'all :)

At this point I probably didn't need to do anything more to my skin because quite I probably was even toned, but what would I say to my mac customers when they wanted my foundation? So, I took a small amount of MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (Shade NC 25) that I had a sample of and covered the rest of my face. Studio fix is a full coverage matte foundation that I wanted to give a try to see if I would like more than my precious Kat Von D. Its a close call. Studio Fix is about $10 cheaper but theres just something about the Kat foundation that I can't let go of...

Next I whipped out my awesome new contour palette from Kat Von D!!!! Shade + Light  I love it so much and you should all buy it ::heart eyes:: I will explain how I use it in a future post (that was supposed to be a prior post..oops). It's starring my Team Fabulous partner in fabulousness, Shauna, so that should excite you. If its not exciting you're probably an alien. I contoured and highlighted with that palette with a little help from Nars Albatross to up the wow with the highlight factor.

The blush I used was MAC Melba. I am very boring with my blush, I hardly wear it unless I have to go to mac, and when I do wear it its always a very neutral color. I don't know what my beef is with blush, maybe because I don't love my redness issue. I guess I'd rather be shimmery or bronze.

Next because I couldn't stand looking at my horrendous brows, I took out my new NYX Brow gel!! Its very awesome, it is almost a quarter of the price of my beloved Makeup Forever Aquabrow, and it works THE SAME. I love when that happens. I use brunette NYX brow gel and my Aqua brow color is 25.

My eyeshadows I used Kat Von D's New Innerstellar Eyeshadow palette with a teeny tiny bit of help from Kat Von Ds (Can't find anywhere) True Romance Eyeshadow palette in Lady bird. I only needed the orange which I think she has in her awesome Star studded book that they had over the holidays at Sephora, I got one but not for me :( but I'm sure I could use it if I really wanted to ::evil grin:: riiiight Shauna?? Mac Brick eyeshadow would also be an ok dupe for that. Basically orange eyeshadow is an awesome way to transition a smokey eye and warm it up a bit. If you have hazel, light brown, or green eyes it really has a way of making  your eyes brighter -or- at least appear to be lighter you tricky little witch you....

The mascara I used is a travel size mascara that I absolutely LOVEEE Buxom Full & Fabulous

-moment of truth: I got a ton of different mascaras for my gfs for christmas and this one I kept only because it had leopard print... GAH I'm a bad person..- Ok I feel better now thats off my chest.

This mascara makes me feel fancy! I only wish it was waterproof. Floop.

NEXT I stacked on a pair of lashes that I actually made. Often when my lashes are a bit too disheveled to salvage I will cut them up and make my own. I couldn't even tell you how many different pairs I have on in these pictures but I can tell you that I will make a DIY post about it. 

Lastly the lips. The lips are always such a difficult decision for me. I never know what I want on myself let alone other people. This I feel is one of my weaknesses in my artistry. I need to learn what the heck I want to put on people. 

Sometimes when I don't know what I want I just do everything. So thats what I did....

(just like when I want a snack... I want all the snacks.)

There are 4!! Different lip products on my lips.

First I used Half-Red lipliner from MAC slightly outside of my lipline. Shaded inside that, the corners of my mouth, and a few lip contour lines (I'll show you later)is Whirl lipliner. I took my Spirit lipstick and used it to blend the two liners together lightly. I left the center still mostly blank, except for some light feathering. Feathering is when you do short quick light strokes. The center of my lips I saved for a lighter shade of lipstick, Blankety. This ombre and overdrawn-ness is what caused my lips to look large & in charge & I love it! Over drawn lips are not always for everyone, but sometimes if you can do it right it can really look great. 

I set everything with MAC Fix +  spray...because its winter, I wouldn't be sweating or crying, and it smells good. 

I took my hair down, I hated it, I took this picture, and I took my extensions out and put my hair up. Hahahaha

There is the truth behind my very own before and after. I hope you enjoyed this long drawn out post :)

All products that are available to be purchased I linked, your welcome.

Have an awesome weekend xoxox

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lipstick Surprise!



At least once a week depending on how busy my week is with makeup, I go through my entire kit, and sanitize everything. I clean product and their containers. This helps me clean anything I may have missed when I put it away. It also helps me keep track inventory & what I may be running low on. This afternoon while cleaning lipsticks I came across 3 that looked basically empty. 

For those of you that are familiar with back to mac, when you have 6 empty containers, bring them in to a mac location, and you can get a free lipstick. I had an empty mascara and two empty mechanical brow pencils in a bag already.   I was about ready to head out to mac and grab my free lipstick. That was until my curiosity got to me. I kinda wanted to know if there was any lipstick actually left in the tubes worth saving. I took out a q-tip, pulled the cotton off one end, and inserted the wand into the tube of lipstick.

Past the plastic casing there was still a good half inch of lipstick in the tube!!!!! 

For those of you who already knew this, shame on you for not telling me

Only kidding...

For everyone else, YOU'RE WELCOME!

Happy Thursday ladies!! 

Happy dance party for those of us who have a favorite lipstick that they don't make anymore and you've been holding on to its precious tube in a memory vault!!! 

All hope is not completely lost...yet

 ::happy tears::

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Happy new year everyone!! And Happy new makeup to me!!!! I want to start with a few new Kat Von D Launches that happened this month!!! First there was the Innerstellar eyeshadow pallet inspired by the moon and stars. Normally I don't migrate towards purples or silvers but I sure am glad I did!! I found a new love for the hues as a matter of fact! These eyeshadows are super pigmented and silky smooth. Kat never EVER disappoints ;)
Next is something I have been waiting quite some time for. I have a love hate relationship with teasers. The Shade Light contour palette I had known about for painful amounts of MONTHS before it was launched. The second I received an email for this glorious creation, I ordered immediately. Yes, a contour palette has been done time and again, the most popular that I can recall was the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette. Kat's wins by a landslide. The tones aren't too orange they do not look like bronzer when applied they have a very natural tone to them. With this palette you can go dramatic or natural and at $46 its super affordable for quality product.
The brush pictured is Kat Von D's concealer brush, its not new, but its new to my collection. Plus its pretty!
Contoured & Highlighted with Shade Light palette

My next new item is something very different to my kit. It is one of Jeffree Star's new lip glosses. When I saw them on instagram I thought they were neat looking and it was cool that he has his own lip glosses but I wasn't rushing to order. That was until I saw a fellow makeup artist, Korry, post a picture of all three that he ordered on his lips!! Although he is darker skin toned than me I fell in love with the purple velour lippie called "I'M ROYALTY" It is loud!!!!! 
and it is gorgeous!!! I first thought, "oh, that would be cool for fashion shoots," but then I tried it on... and oh lawdy it was over!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lipstick and I will find ALL the excuses to wear it!!
It is so pretty and you all need it!

All Kat Von D products can be found on 
The Jeffree Star Liquid Velour Lipsticks can be found on (if they aren't sold out because they sell out every week!)