Friday, January 16, 2015

War Paint Witchery

So how in the christ do girls go from this to that?!

The short answer:
And then theres the big long explanation that you've been dddyyying for...

What I am going to do, is go through piece by piece of what I have done to my morning project (face) before I have to go to work at MAC or a wedding. 

(And heres hoping my managers at mac don't either hate or fire me because I'm posting the cold hard truth of what is on my face when I go to work.)

First before everything I set my hair in pin curls. I roll my hair with my 1 inch curling iron, put my thumb at the end of the barrel, let go of the clamp, catch the curl, and I pin it to my head. This way my hairs out of my face and my curls will somewhat stay for the day once I take them down.


I get redness from the bottom of my nose to my chin, I do not know why, I must be an alien. 
To fix this irritating skin flaw of mine I use MAC CC cream in neutralize. CC as opposed to BB is Color Correct. I buy the yellow one because it cancels out my redness, and my unfiltered girl brain truth is it makes me feel less ugly ::insert big smile::

Next I found some pores and fine lines I decided needed some filling, instead of blowing my cash on botox, I whipped out my new (even less expensive than I was using before) friend, NYX Pore Filler!
It is half the price of Benefit's Porefessional which I had been using before, and it works just as good!

Surprisingly I found that wasn't enough so I took a dime size glob of NYX Clear Studio Perfect Primer because I knew I would be taking this picture for y'all :)

At this point I probably didn't need to do anything more to my skin because quite I probably was even toned, but what would I say to my mac customers when they wanted my foundation? So, I took a small amount of MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (Shade NC 25) that I had a sample of and covered the rest of my face. Studio fix is a full coverage matte foundation that I wanted to give a try to see if I would like more than my precious Kat Von D. Its a close call. Studio Fix is about $10 cheaper but theres just something about the Kat foundation that I can't let go of...

Next I whipped out my awesome new contour palette from Kat Von D!!!! Shade + Light  I love it so much and you should all buy it ::heart eyes:: I will explain how I use it in a future post (that was supposed to be a prior post..oops). It's starring my Team Fabulous partner in fabulousness, Shauna, so that should excite you. If its not exciting you're probably an alien. I contoured and highlighted with that palette with a little help from Nars Albatross to up the wow with the highlight factor.

The blush I used was MAC Melba. I am very boring with my blush, I hardly wear it unless I have to go to mac, and when I do wear it its always a very neutral color. I don't know what my beef is with blush, maybe because I don't love my redness issue. I guess I'd rather be shimmery or bronze.

Next because I couldn't stand looking at my horrendous brows, I took out my new NYX Brow gel!! Its very awesome, it is almost a quarter of the price of my beloved Makeup Forever Aquabrow, and it works THE SAME. I love when that happens. I use brunette NYX brow gel and my Aqua brow color is 25.

My eyeshadows I used Kat Von D's New Innerstellar Eyeshadow palette with a teeny tiny bit of help from Kat Von Ds (Can't find anywhere) True Romance Eyeshadow palette in Lady bird. I only needed the orange which I think she has in her awesome Star studded book that they had over the holidays at Sephora, I got one but not for me :( but I'm sure I could use it if I really wanted to ::evil grin:: riiiight Shauna?? Mac Brick eyeshadow would also be an ok dupe for that. Basically orange eyeshadow is an awesome way to transition a smokey eye and warm it up a bit. If you have hazel, light brown, or green eyes it really has a way of making  your eyes brighter -or- at least appear to be lighter you tricky little witch you....

The mascara I used is a travel size mascara that I absolutely LOVEEE Buxom Full & Fabulous

-moment of truth: I got a ton of different mascaras for my gfs for christmas and this one I kept only because it had leopard print... GAH I'm a bad person..- Ok I feel better now thats off my chest.

This mascara makes me feel fancy! I only wish it was waterproof. Floop.

NEXT I stacked on a pair of lashes that I actually made. Often when my lashes are a bit too disheveled to salvage I will cut them up and make my own. I couldn't even tell you how many different pairs I have on in these pictures but I can tell you that I will make a DIY post about it. 

Lastly the lips. The lips are always such a difficult decision for me. I never know what I want on myself let alone other people. This I feel is one of my weaknesses in my artistry. I need to learn what the heck I want to put on people. 

Sometimes when I don't know what I want I just do everything. So thats what I did....

(just like when I want a snack... I want all the snacks.)

There are 4!! Different lip products on my lips.

First I used Half-Red lipliner from MAC slightly outside of my lipline. Shaded inside that, the corners of my mouth, and a few lip contour lines (I'll show you later)is Whirl lipliner. I took my Spirit lipstick and used it to blend the two liners together lightly. I left the center still mostly blank, except for some light feathering. Feathering is when you do short quick light strokes. The center of my lips I saved for a lighter shade of lipstick, Blankety. This ombre and overdrawn-ness is what caused my lips to look large & in charge & I love it! Over drawn lips are not always for everyone, but sometimes if you can do it right it can really look great. 

I set everything with MAC Fix +  spray...because its winter, I wouldn't be sweating or crying, and it smells good. 

I took my hair down, I hated it, I took this picture, and I took my extensions out and put my hair up. Hahahaha

There is the truth behind my very own before and after. I hope you enjoyed this long drawn out post :)

All products that are available to be purchased I linked, your welcome.

Have an awesome weekend xoxox

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