Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lipstick Surprise!



At least once a week depending on how busy my week is with makeup, I go through my entire kit, and sanitize everything. I clean product and their containers. This helps me clean anything I may have missed when I put it away. It also helps me keep track inventory & what I may be running low on. This afternoon while cleaning lipsticks I came across 3 that looked basically empty. 

For those of you that are familiar with back to mac, when you have 6 empty containers, bring them in to a mac location, and you can get a free lipstick. I had an empty mascara and two empty mechanical brow pencils in a bag already.   I was about ready to head out to mac and grab my free lipstick. That was until my curiosity got to me. I kinda wanted to know if there was any lipstick actually left in the tubes worth saving. I took out a q-tip, pulled the cotton off one end, and inserted the wand into the tube of lipstick.

Past the plastic casing there was still a good half inch of lipstick in the tube!!!!! 

For those of you who already knew this, shame on you for not telling me

Only kidding...

For everyone else, YOU'RE WELCOME!

Happy Thursday ladies!! 

Happy dance party for those of us who have a favorite lipstick that they don't make anymore and you've been holding on to its precious tube in a memory vault!!! 

All hope is not completely lost...yet

 ::happy tears::


  1. Awesome! 1/2" is alot of lipstick to throw away! I recently bought the spatty daddy wands to get every last drop out of my lotion, foundation and any other product that comes in a bottle. So, thank you for the tip because I hate throwing away product especially expensive stuff! :)

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