Friday, August 29, 2014

Glitter Shoot With Kreativ Studios & Alana

This has got to be my favorite #TeamFabulous photoshoot so far. Mostly because I love glitter. We couldn't have found a better model for this shoot, so thank you VERY much for being part of this shoot, A! And obviously thank you Kreativ Studios for always beautifully executing our crazy ideas we come up with xo

2 Steps You Might Be Missing

Caution for those of you with motion sickness because you're about to get blown away! (haha) 

Also for those of you with sensitive stomachs especially if you've never seen me without my brows did! 

Not all but some of the models and brides... Mostly brides are afraid of 2 things in particular: brows and lashes. These two steps could change your dolling up game drastically. Especially in photographs. Let's face it ... We all have that one friend that whips out her camera every girls night! (In my friends case that friend is me) Don't be the weirdo with no brows!! If you already have nice beautiful bold and shapely brows you may not need this. 

The second step you may be missing out on are the lashes! I have posted previously about how to apply falsies. Lashes make a HUGE difference in your pictures (brides I'm talking to you!!) 

No brows/ no lashes
No brows/ added lashes 
Lashes & brows! Big difference! 

Now, am I right? Or am I right?