Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trick or Treat smell my... face....

This is for any girl out there that loves a flawless face...& chocolate. I personally don't need chocolate in my life...but I kinda like smelling like it!

"This powder foundation formula features crystalline powder, which works on all skin types to conceal imperfections, leaving skin with a soft-focus appearance. Infused with an antioxidant-rich, oil-absorbing Exclusive Cocoa Complex, a non-drying powder that defends against free radicals, it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores, and provides skin with a subtle, chocolate scent. This foundation can be reapplied throughout the day for medium-to-full coverage that doesn’t look heavy or cakey." High-fives to that and lets go to Sephora!!! 

Monday, October 6, 2014


When in the/who in the/what in the/ why/ and where in theeeeeee heck is Team Fabulous?!

When: #TeamFabulous was created in the Winter of 2013 when the realization that two very fancy girls had something extra fabulous going on! It started with boudoir specials that lead to ideas and more ideas of collaborations and projects. It is safe to say that #TeamFabulous is becoming not only a brand but a MOVEMENT. We got the powaaaah!

Who: #TeamFabulous is made up of two mini size divas- Me (Jessalyn) and Shauna, the owner and solo operator of Kreativ Studios Photography & design. We are fun, funny, fantastic, and we make YOU feel down right FABULOUS. We have NEVER and I mean EVER gotten any negative feed back. What we mostly hear is about how much FUN and how comfortable their time with us was! We make you feel like family. Basically shoots with us are just another girls night out ;)

What: #TeamFabulous photo shoots are collaborations between Kreativ Studios and Makeup by Jessalyn. Most #TeamFabulous shoots are specials that we host together that include hair, makeup and photos (of courses) for Holiday Shoots, Boudoir, Senior Portrait or any other fun ideas that our silly yet creative brains come up with. You may have seen our Pin-Up shoots, Mermaid shoots, Fairy shoots, or Halloween shoots floating around the web and in art culture magazines.

Why: I mean... if you aren't convinced already why you would/should choose #TeamFabulous maybe you need to re-read sections Who & What about #Team Fabulous. I guess I could summarize by just saying we are the most FABULOUS.

Where: #TeamFabulous is located in Southern NH. Manchester, to be more specific. We also do destination shoots but that depends on the fabulousness of the idea. We have had some cases where our client preferred to shoot at their own home, but most of the time we do glammin' & shootin' at Shauna's home studio location in Manchester.

There you have it! Now you know most of what makes #TeamFabulous :) for more info & to stay updated on our latest and greatest adventures I HIGHLY suggest you follow both of our pages on Facebook:

 Kreativ Studios & Makeup by Jessalyn

Hugs, Kisses, & Fabulous sprinkles