Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Excuses and Explanations

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been nonexistent lately. You'd think not being chained to a desk for 40hrs a week would give me plenty of time to blog, but au contraire! I've been super duper busy! Now that it's spring we are in ✨wedding season✨ Besides all my beautiful brides, everyone else is coming out of hibernation, and Kreativ Studios Kreativ brain is pumping out dozens of fabulous ideas for shoots! The nicer weather brings lots of fun projects! It also brings lots of me not wanting to be inside :)

 If you don't follow my facebook page already: Makeup by Jessalyn, you might want to jump on that wagon because that is most often updated with my latest makeup projects, you can also stay updated on all the beauties from the weddings I've been doing! 
Sorry again for hiding! I don't mean to! Next week there will be a Mer-tastic blog post on MAC Alluring Aquatic collection! That will be fun! ❤️